Last Updated on September 8th, 2019
The information contained on this website is solely the property of Human Body Co, a legal corporation registered in CANADA.
The original content, written and on video has an educational purpose and shall be shared as is. Nevertheless, we, at Human Body co, holds the rights on this precious educative approach that will gain from being distributed. 
So, if you wish to spread the words, we allow anyone to copie-paste the link of our websites to help make a difference in the lives of thousands of peoples and more. The purpose of Human Body Co to keep the rights to hand is to preserve the philosophy that motivated the initiator, Jean-Pierre Perreault.
The vision is to be able to create a new world where Muscular Hygiene becomes a common knowledge and practice all over the world, just like Dental Hygiene gained the world of education in the last few generations.
Thanks to teach your kids, family members and fellow man! 

Jean-Pierre Perreault
Founder of HUMAN BODY co, owner of
Contact: Human Body co   montreal, canada    JEANPIERRE@CLINIQUEANTIDOULEUR.COM
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